NEW!!! The instant Bridges Church Poster - Ideal for filling empty Notice Board space!
Does your Church notice - board have an annoying space on it that you’ve always dreamed of filling with er......... SOMETHING!!
Well the great news is that it’s finally here. YES  - THE INSTANT BRIDGES CHURCH POSTER could solve all your problems!
It’s instant because you can download it in seconds, and once it’s yours - all you need to do is cut carefully around the outer frame to create an A5 size board space filler for your church, Local Christian bookshop, library or community centre!
Please select from the 5 Instant Church Poster options
Notice board has quite enough items on it already. No space for another poster - Please take me somewhere else!
My 5 year old nephew could draw a nicer poster than that with crayons and felt tips - Please take me somewhere else!!
Poster is a gratuitous use of paper and cartridge ink and not good for the environment - Please take me somewhere else!
I’d never be allowed to put up a poster like that in Church - Please take me somewhere else!
YES!!! - I’m sure I’ll find a use for one somewhere - Please Download now!
Special Features:-

It’s BLUE which to some people may radiate an aura of calm and relaxation. It can be stared at for extended periods with little eye strain and no onset of migraine!
It’s small which means it could well remain for longer on a crowded notice board!
It’s an attractive way to cover flaky plaster or cracks on any interior wall!
It gives our web address, which is actually all you need to keep up to date with all that’s going on here at Bridges!
Bridges - Hosting regular social events for Christians in Suffolk & Cambridgeshire - Find us at www.bridgeschristians.org
Introducing - The Instant Bridges Church Poster
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